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Should You Attempt Pressure Washing During Winter?

Should You Attempt Pressure Washing During Winter?

Winter can be a tough time to do a lot of household or business property maintenance chores, especially when the temperatures drop below freezing or even to subzero levels. So, is attempting pressure washing during the winter season a good idea?

Although it is not the ideal time of the year, commercial or residential pressure washing can be safely done even when it is very cold outside; however, there are some safety precautions you should take as well as protecting your property and your equipment. Read below to find out some of the precautions you should take if you want to try to pressure wash during the cold winter months.

Protect Yourself

If you are going to be pressure washing your exterior surfaces in freezing temperatures, you must first take care of yourself. Being outside in the elements for prolonged periods of time can lead to hypothermia. Make sure you wear warm clothing with lots of layers, and be sure to include heavy-duty gloves that can withstand the chill, as well as a hat, scarf, and other winter weather clothing. You can also wear boots with good traction that will keep you standing even in snow and ice. Always make sure you test the ground where you are going to stand before putting your weight on it so you don't slip!

Protect Your Property

Your exterior surfaces can be damaged if you attempt pressure washing in freezing temperatures. You may want to use hotter water than you typically use in order to help keep your property from freezing after you've sprayed it down with water. You also want to try to pressure wash areas that will get a lot of sun, minimizing the risk of freezing. The sun can also help dry the areas faster to prevent ice from forming. Finally, you may want to de-ice any areas where the water will run to prevent creating icy driveways or other surfaces.

Protect Your Pressure Washing Equipment

Don't forget to protect the equipment itself! Make sure it is stored in a safe, warm, and dry area. This way, the fittings and linings will be protected, because if the water in the pump freezes, it can expand and even explode. You definitely don't want to have to buy a new pressure washer!

Hire Professionals Who Can Help

Alternatively, you can hire a professional pressure washing company who knows exactly how to work in cold temperatures and are well trained to protect themselves, your property, and their equipment! If you are in the Pittsburgh area, call J&R Pressure Washing today at the phone number 724-813-0519 to set up a pressure washing appointment or get a free estimate.