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Gentle Roof Washing To Safely Clean Pittsburgh Roofs

Roof Washing

Your roof is a delicate area that needs expert care to reach its maximum lifespan. When your Pittsburgh home needs roof washing, don't settle for just any cleaner- give it the best of care with J&R Pressure Washing. Roof stains can be signs of algae growth, which is bad news for your roof. If you've got a dirty roof, don't hesitate to reach out and request a roof washing!

Want to request a free quote for our roof washing service? Simply call us at 724-813-0519. We'd be glad to visit your property, assess your roof, and give you a free estimate for the cost of our work. If you like what you hear, hire us for the job- because we know you're going to LOVE what you see!

Professional Soft Washing For Roofs

When caring for your roof, caution is key. Roofing materials are often pretty fragile, so we don't go in hard and heavy with the typical high-powered pressure washing. We pull back on the intensity and take a more measured approach with soft washing.

By dousing your shingles with a fanned-out, low-pressure spray of detergent, we can evenly and delicately distribute the cleaning solution over the surface of your roof without risking impact damage to your roof or forcing water where it doesn't belong. The detergents we use are designed to break down most stains but are especially good at eliminating algae, mold, and moss growth, all of which are notoriously bad for roofing materials. When our roof washing is completed, we will have eliminated those ugly stains on your roof and removed harmful growth to help your shingles fight another day!

Help Your Home Stay Fresh With House Washing

Algae growth is most serious when it's on your roof, as the algae eat up the limestone-containing UV granules that keep asphalt shingles from shriveling up in the sun. However, algae can find a home on any part of your house's exterior, and it can form nasty dark splotches on your exterior walls that resemble mildew. Algae is gross and obnoxious, but it's just one of the many substances that can mess up your home's appearance. Luckily, though, our house washing makes quick work of dirty sidings! Just as with roof washing, we use soft washing to fully wash away stains and messes on your exterior walls without putting your materials under strain.

We've been putting in the hours to provide our clients with the best pressure washing for Pittsburgh area homes. By improving the look and structural integrity of homes around the city, we do our part to help our community thrive. If you want a safe, efficient, and affordable way to breathe new life into your home's weathered facade, give us a call!

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